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Which class should I take?

It all depends on what you’re looking to gain. We offer a wide variety of classes, seminars and workshops with varying focuses and each of our instructors bring a different skill set. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our different options or schedule brief consultation with you. 


How many students are in each class?

The Georgia Media Academy believes in challenging our students and offering individual attention. Class sized are determined by the subject topic and interaction. 


How can I pay for my class?

We accept Cash App, Credit Cards, and Paypal. Cash is NOT held on site. 

Cash App- $GeorgiaMediaAcademy and Paypal-


Where are you located?

Our address is 388 Glynn Street N in Fayetteville, Georgia 30214. Directly behind Attina’s Music Store. 


Is there parking nearby?

Parking is in front of and behind the building. All parking is free.


Do you offer classes for kids/teens?

The Georgia Media Academy has an excellent program for kids and teens. Those classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Saturday classes are offered during the summer. 


How do I register for class?

Give us a call at (404) 988-7788. We will be happy to help you register for a class. We would love to help you figure out which class will challenge you and help you meet your training goals.


What if I have to miss a class?

If you have to miss class for any reason, please give us a call at (404) 988-7788 as soon as possible and let us know. An absence is considered excused only if it is for an audition, rehearsal or shoot in the business.  We understand that emergencies happen, that you may get sick, etc… and we will do our best to keep you caught up with the rest of the class should you have to be absent. Please remember that we cannot reimburse you for classes missed.


Do you recommend any headshot photographers?

The Georgia Media Academy has Photography on site by appointment. 


Do you rent your space?

Yes. For Castings, Meetings, Workshops, Table Reads, Writers’ Groups and other events. No outside acting classes. All rentals are subject to availability and approval. 


Do you hold auditions?

We are a training studio first and foremost. Occasionally a talent group or production company will hold a casting at our facility.


Do you offer private coaching?

We do offer private coaching sessions. Please call us at (404) 988-7788 and we can discuss options.


Can you make me a movie star?

No. We do not make any guarantees, however, we go above and beyond to give you the resources to develop your skillset and brands to compete in the industry. Training and development does not end with us. It should be ongoing. 


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