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Demo Reels at GMA Creative Studios

GlenNeta Griffin Media in Collaboration with KIC It Films

Scene Production

45-90 seconds in length (Post Production)

  • Scripts, Locations and Shoot Date organized by GMA Creative Studios
  • Actor may provide scene, choose from GMA Script book or Custom Scenes options are available.
  • One location per scene. All locations must be within a 20 mile radius of our studio.
  • Cast your Scene Partner(s)
  • High Definition Picture and Sound
  • Full Editing Services included: Logging, Sync Sound, Editing
  • MASTERING: Color Correction, Audio, Dialogue Cleaning, Music Arrangement
  • All Final Scenes are delivered digitally in High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition (SD) via
  • Highlight Reel included when 2 or more scenes are produced
  • All Scenes delivered 5-7 business days after Client Performance Takes are confirmed.
  • All Talent must arrive rehearsed, off book and camera ready for all shoots.
  • Standard 7-10 business day turnaround.

1 Scene- $400– (Includes Monologues, One person Phone Conversations or multiple actors. (3-person max.) | 60 Minute Shoot Time (Additional time may be added if available for $50/30 minute increments.)

2 Scenes- $650- (Includes highlight reel and 2 clipped out scenes) | Two-Hour Shoot Time (Additional time may be added if available for $50/30 minute increments.

3 Scenes- $1050- (Includes highlight reel and 3 clipped out scenes) | Three-Hour Shoot Time (Additional time may be added if available for $50/30 minute increments.

Additional Services: 

Script Book Scene Selection– Complimentary

Original Script Writing-

  • $60/Scene
  • $30/Rewrite

Casting- $45/Actor

Additional Editing- $50/Re-Edit

Additional Scenes Added to Highlight Reel- $35 per clip

Hosting Reel- $450 (Green Screen or Solid Background Available)- 2-Hours of Studio Time with Director and Videographer. Includes Professional Lighting and Audio. Plus editing up to 90 seconds in post. | Additional scenes added to reel $35 per clip.

Voice Over Reel- $350 1.5 hours of Studio Time with Director and Audio Engineer. Additional commercials or voice projects added to reel- $35 per file.

To get started, contact (404) 988-7788 or email


GMA Creative Studios

388 Glynn Street N

Fayetteville, Georgia 30214

(404) 988-7788

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